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Over 21 years strong the Greater Philadelphia Clean Cities Program has been leading the alternative fuels, vehicles and technologies projects in Southeast PA. We have taken that experience, expanded our boundaries and changed our name to EP-ACT to serve central and eastern Pennsylvania. We could not be prouder of the environmental and economic improvements we are producing from our projects.  Below, is a summary of our current projects.  Project Partners can view detailed progress on their projects in real-time (updated weekly) by navigating to the members area.

The Southeastern PA CNG Vehicle Conversion Initiative

This project will introduce CNG to southeastern PA by showcasing some of the region’s most recognizable companies and their own fleets utilizing CNG as a motor fuel. The strength of this application comes from the commitment by all project partners, even business competitors, to utilizing PA’s abundance of natural gas. The aggregation of all of our partners into a single application will promote the acceptance and new opportunities possible when businesses of all types support natural gas as a conventional motor fuel.

The Northeast Extension CNG Conversion Initiative 

EP-ACT seeks to spur the acceptance of utilizing compressed natural gas as a vehicle fuel. Our 2 project partner’s unique application will convert 23 vehicles that will utilize a new CNG fueling station. This project will introduce CNG to the public and to private companies that run along the Northeast extensions of the interstate highways. The project will promote the economic and environmental benefits of CNG in the Northeastern part of Pennsylvania.

The Pennsylvania Partnership for Promoting Natural Gas Vehicles (P3NGV)

This project has a multi-tiered approach to reducing and eliminating barriers to the adoption of natural gas vehicles (NGVs) by school district, municipal, and private fleets in Pennsylvania. This project will create tools and resources that will be deployed by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP), Greater Philadelphia Clean Cities (GPCC), Pittsburgh Region Clean Cities (PRCC), and PECO Energy (PECO) to further the adoption of NGVs by public and private fleets across Pennsylvania. P3NGV will provide direct targeted workshops and training to municipal officials, fleet managers, and business managers from school districts and municipalities, as well as first responders in southeastern and western Pennsylvania. These workshops will ensure that key decision makers in these organizations understand the opportunities NGVs can provide.

The Commonwealth Energy Group CNG Vehicle Conversion Initiative

The Commonwealth Energy Group CNG Vehicle Conversion Initiative is a project assembled by the Eastern Pennsylvania Alliance for Clean Transportation (EP-ACT) which aggregates 3 unique business platforms into a single application for CNG vehicle conversions. The project will commence around a newly planned CNG fueling station located at 1325 East Drinker Street, Dunmore, PA 18512, near Scranton Pennsylvania. Our 3 project partners; Road Scholar Trucking; DeNaples Auto Parts; DeNaples Sanitation combined will convert 19 vehicles from diesel to run on CNG. This project will be the stepping stone for each of our partners foray into utilizing the Commonwealth abundance of natural gas as a vehicle fuel.

The Tinicum Township Propane Vehicle Conversion Initiative

This Initiative seeks to convert 3 separate fleets in Tinicum Township from gasoline to propane fuel. The aggregation of these companies together will convert 34 vehicles ranging from Ford Crown Victoria Police Cruisers to dedicated E-450 shuttle buses.

The Keystone State LNG Conversion Initiative

EP-ACT seeks to help fleets convert to LNG for long haul applications. Our project will utilize our centralized location near the convergence of 3 interstate highways to help construct The Commonwealths 1st public LNG refueling site. Our project will consist of building a public LNG site that will be anchored by a fleet of 20 Class 8 tractors. This project will help stimulate the use of LNG as an alternative to gasoline and diesel for long haul applications.

The Eastern Pennsylvania Propane School Bus Conversion Initiative 

This project is helping 6 counties in eastern Pennsylvania utilize 50 new school buses that run on propane. The goals and the objectives of the project are to provide air quality benefits to school children who ride these buses and fuel cost savings to those districts who utilize propane to replace diesel in their vehicles. This project will be an aggregated project with 2 private bus companies and 2 school districts brought together by EP-ACT to spur the usage of propane as a vehicle fuel.

The Montgomery County NGV Conversion Initiative

This is a comprehensive conversion project which includes some of Pennsylvania's largest companies and a diverse set of business platforms. This project seeks to partner local transportation organizations; municipalities; public transportation; carting; construction; and service industries into one unique application, while simultaneously utilizing private investment in infrastructure to help spur the usage of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) as an alternative to gasoline and diesel.

The W.W. Transport and Easton PA CNG Vehicle Conversion Project

This project seeks to expand the usage of natural gas as a domestically produced reliable vehicle fuel. This project will help spur the usage of CNG to an undersubscribed area, in both the availability of regional infrastructure and vehicle conversions. Our project will help purchase and convert 30 Class 8 diesel tractors to CNG. The development of this project will be instrumental in helping Northampton county and more specifically Easton PA with its foray into using CNG as a vehicle fuel.

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